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IESI Blue Ridge Landfill Scholarship Program

We believe in giving back to the community in which we work. Every year, IESI awards five $2,000 scholarships to local seniors for their freshman year at college. If you are interested, please fill out the attached application and submit to us before May 30, 2014 for the 2014-2015 school year.
Scholarship Application




Effective January 24, 2013 the Covered Device Recycling Act (House Bill 708), Act 108 of 2010 took effect. Electronics, including computers, laptop computers, and computer monitors, computer peripherals, televisions, and any components of such devices may no longer be disposed in Pennsylvania with municipal waste. These items cannot be put with your regular household/commercial waste, nor can they be brought into the landfill. To recycle these items please call a recycling center near you or the PADEP in Harrisburg.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Residential Waste Pickup

Progressive Waste offers weekly residential trash pickup in Frankin, Cumberland, and Adams Counties. Whether it is individual subscription service or municipal contracted service, we can meet your residential trash needs. Call our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives to see what plan works best for you.

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Size Description
96 gallon Convenience is key with our standard sized wheeled containers
Custom Use your own container that fits your household needs.

Additional Services:

Low Generator

We offer a “Low Generator” service at a reduced rate for those customers that only have a couple of bags each week. Call our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives to see what plan works best for you.

Yard Waste

Per PADEP Act 101, since September 26, 1990, no waste disposal facility is permitted to accept loads that are comprised primarily of yard waste. To insure that we stay within these parameters, we cannot pick up more than 1 bag of yard waste for every 4 bags of regular household trash. In other words, the yard waste can only comprise 25% or less of the entire pickup.

If you have a lot of yard waste to dispose of, you can contact your local township. Many municipalities have composting facilities that will take yard waste. Some townships also offer curbside pickup of leaves, etc.